InfoWatch Gulf organizes Cybersecurity Awareness Day

calendar20 February 2019
InfoWatch Gulf organizes Cybersecurity Awareness Day

InfoWatch Gulf organized Cybersecurity Awareness Day at Heriot-Watt University campus in Dubai, UAE. The CEO for InfoWatch Gulf, Kristina Tantsyura together with other key specialists from the company delivered lectures on information security, digital hygiene, safe behavior on social media, and EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements.

The program was attended by 50 students and they met several leading cybersecurity experts and learned about possible internship and employment opportunities with InfoWatch Gulf.
"The progress of digital technology over the last few years has brought both ample business opportunities and new information security threats, with more and more attention being drawn to this issue year after year. Cyber criminals can target anything, from critical infrastructure facilities and enterprises to digitally illiterate users," noted Tantsyura.

She added, "Since the information security market is in desperate need of young talented specialists, businesses can truly help overcome this shortage and improve cyber literacy in general by partnering with educational institutions. The event we organized together with top University lecturers attracted many students, and we are looking forward to expanding our cooperation with the University in the future."

This year, the company opened InfoWatch Academy, a cybersecurity educational center in the Middle East operated by InfoWatch Gulf, that offers here both short- and mid-term cybersecurity courses and programs, as well as special training courses in creating enterprise Data Leak Prevention (DLP) solutions. In addition, the company arranges internship programs for UAE students. Last year, Ajman University students completed intern training in enterprise cybersecurity at InfoWatch Gulf.

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